Natural Mental Health

Natural mental health brings balance!

The best way to have natural mental health is to use a combination of positive psychology, cognitive therapy and life planning. My name is Tim Tentcher and I have been helping people have natural mental health for many years.

Natural Mental Health

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Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and families to thrive. The field of positive psychology is founded on the belief that each of us wants to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We want to cultivate what is best within ourselves and to enhance our experiences of work, love and play.

Using the tools from positive psychology you can discover how to have natural mental health. When you see what is great about you rather than the deficits the medical model focuses on you become better naturally.

You also need to think clearly and effectively cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) combines two very effective kinds of psychotherapy cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy to help with this.

Behaviour therapy helps you weaken the connections of thoughts that are distorted.

Cognitive therapy teaches you how to thinking clearly. We need to focus our thinking on thoughts that are true and not filled with distortions.

When combined into CBT, behaviour therapy and cognitive therapy provide you with very powerful tools for stopping your symptoms and getting your life on a more satisfying track.

CBT is a natural way to have magnificent mental health. By combining clear thinking with the approach of positive psychology you will feel better.

Life also needs to have a sense of direction and FRAMES planning helps.

Consider a framed photograph of our family. In it, everyone is smiling, dressed in their best cloths or experiencing a memorable moment together. But if we flip that framed picture over, the back isn’t as beautiful and presentable. This is not a bad thing, it is everyone’s reality. We all have two sides, one that we present to the world and one that we kept hidden. Feeling guilty about the flip side of the picture of our life is not helpful. By looking at it and accepting it and then working on the areas that we can improve on helps us the make the picture of our life as beautiful as it can be.

If we consider the word FRAMES as an acronym, we’ll see that our life is shaped by it.

F is for FUN.

R is for Relationships

A is for Appearance and Health

M is for messes and procrastination that need to be dealt with.

E is for economics

S is for service work or sunshine given to yourself or others

If we are having fun, if we have good people in our lives, and our health is good, if we are dealing with things we have been putting off and our $ is in order, and we are serving others, while making sure our own needs are taken care of, the picture of our life will be magnificent!  We need to make clear plans to make this happen

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