Panic Disorders Can Be Resolved!

This is post # 12 of 25 focusing on panic disorders. I like to review Panic Situation Solutions because panic disorders can be complicated. Each situation is somewhat different. There are more Panic Situation Solutions on my blog. Go to the bottom of the page to Filed Under and click on the blue word panic. The one we are going to deal with today is being stuck in a meeting at work and feeling like things are really getting out of control.

Your co workers all have their pens out and really look like they are getting what is being presented at the meeting. They are nodding their heads and seem to be understanding what is being presented.

You on the other hand feel clueless. You feel like scratching your head and saying what the heck are they saying. This can be a trigger and have an effect on panic disorders.

panic disorders


You have a lump in your throat.

Your hands start to sweat.

You feel flushed and say to yourself “I must look like a tomato!”

What do you do now!

It is hard because you are stuck in a room with these people who seem to have it together and you feel like your losing it.

First you need to tell yourself that feelings are not facts.

Second remind yourself that no one knows what you are thinking and they are not paying any attention to you.

Is there any way you can go to the bathroom?


When you have some space take deep breaths.  See my other blogs about how.

Wash your face. You can do this .  Fake it till you make it!

Go back to the meeting. Stay quiet you do not have to be the star.

When the meeting is over review the facts…

Ask others who attended if they were clear about the presentation. Maybe the meeting really sucked for everybody! It is ok to not understand some things.  You do not have to perfect. What you think is not always correct. See my other blogs about CBT,  this helps clear your thinking.

Please contact me below if you would like help with solving your issues with panic. My sessions are covered by insurance and if you do not have it they are on a sliding fee scale.

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Panic Disorders Will Get Better With Focused Treatment!

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