Symptoms Of Panic Disorder

Let’s review symptoms of panic disorder and give a clear example of how symptoms of panic disorder show themselves and give a Panic Situation Solution.  This is # 11 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions.

The one we are going to show is how to deal with is feeling trapped in a checkout line!

symptoms of panic disorder

You’re in the checkout line and people are lined up behind you. The clerk scans your onions and it does not go through. She gets on the phone and pages the manager “Come to checkout 6 for a price check!”

Now you feel symptoms of panic disorder!

  • Tears could come down your cheeks and it is not from the onions!
  • You feel your heart racing.
  • There I a lump in your throat.
  • Your head is pounding and feels a tingle.
  • Oh no are you going to pass out?


This is symptoms of panic disorder

Now what are you going to do!

First you tell you’re self…

  1. This is panic and I will be safe.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths.
  3. This will be over soon panic will not make you faint.
  4. This is not your fault you did not price the onions!
  5. If you really need to tell the clerk you need to sit down because you feel dizzy.
  6. Do not worry about the people behind you. If they are in a hurry to scurry this is not your issue it is theirs!
  7. Do not avoid shopping when this is over. Avoiding makes it worse.
  8. Plan for your next shopping trip if the thought of it is freaking you out!
  9. Tell yourself panic and anxiety is NOT YOUR FAULT!!!
  10. Say symptoms of panic disorder can be beaten and I can beat panic with planning!

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