We All Have Some Relationship Issues

Let’s face it. We all have issues! We need to see the reality of who we are. Let’s not kid ourselves. Relationship issues come from ones we have as individuals and this rubs together with those we love. The rubbing can be a way to learn from one another. We can all be a little crazy at times!

Relationship Issues

There is a wonderful native way of looking at Relationship Issues. It is called the sun dance. It is a prayer offered to one’s family in the native tradition.

The sun dance is seen from many perspectives but the one I want to speak about connects to a book called 7 arrows. People of the cultures tribe would have ways of marking the personality of each tribe member. The women had it on their belt and the men had shields.

For example a person who looked ahead and thought about future plans was an eagle person. The person who was in the day to day moment and never thought about the future was a mouse person. Close to the ground! The eagle needs to feed on the mouse to live and the mouse is then raised to the higher places.

In other words opposites attract. The natives would put mouse and eagle people together. This would cause relationship issues! The goal was for each tribe member to learn how to be more like the other. This created wholeness in the tribe.

Relationship Issues Can Be Solved!

As couples we need to know how to learn from one another. Conflicts need to be handled respectfully. No one is a doormat! We need to see how we can be together in a way that goes somewhere. The natives knew the wisdom of this.

As I help couples deal with differences we see how they can be handled in a way that each person learns and grows tighter. Two then become one. This is wholeness. The beauty of how two people become better together!

If you would like to become better together lets book a time!


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