What Causes Panic Attacks

What causes panic attacks is going to be outlined. This is post # 2 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions.

There are so many reasons for what causes panic attacks. This is why I like to explain Panic Situation Solutions. Each situation is different.

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Here is # 2 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions.

You are about to meet your boyfriends parents for the first time and you are FREAKED OUT!

Panic attacks are a medical condition many of us suffer from. What causes panic attacks vary. It may be just the situation. But you feel like your head is going to explode. Your heart is pounding in your head and you feel dizzy. What is causing this is a medical condition.


What Causes Panic Attacks Is Both Simple & Complicated

The simple fact is it not your fault because it is a medical condition. What is complicated is that it can happen in so many different situations.

So what is the solution?

Should you avoid the meeting? Avoidance makes things worse. Putting it off for a short time may be wise till you can have a plan to deal with the situation.

One thing you can do is try to control how you are going to meet his parents. A short cup of tea is easier to handle than a trip to the zoo that could take all day.

This may put you in the zoo!

What causes panic attacks

You may feel trapped like you can BEARLY get out!

But you can! Panic can be controlled!

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